Kayla Westmoreland

Program Coordinator

God is Good. All the Time!

My husband and I knew from the beginning we wanted to start a family right away and without any trouble we got pregnant with our first baby. Shortly after our excitement I was met with heartache as I miscarried and then it continued as I miscarried four more times. The questions started coming up in my heart “what’s wrong with me”? “Isn’t this supposed to be easy”? “What have I done to go through this”? My husband and I decided it would be best to take a break and regroup. When we decided to start trying again, we were having difficulty, which led to a fertility specialist. After several months of trying, we got pregnant, but we were scared. Week in and week out we had doctor’s visits to check on our precious baby. Week six, baby is perfect! Week eight, perfect! Once we made it to week 14 my husband and I could finally take a deep breath and start planning for her arrival. Going into the anatomy scan we were so excited to see our growing baby girl, but that isn’t how it happened. Our celebration turned into mourning and we were left with many questions. After weeks of trying to understand and cope with the grief I cried out to the Lord to help me overcome this tragedy. After I surrendered it all to God in my desperation He gave me the strength I needed to start processing my journey. I surrounded myself with godly people who wanted to see me free and healed. I began journaling and reading stories in the Bible where God’s faithfulness and goodness was evident.You see, in His presence there is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11). God did show us his faithfulness and goodness through our second child, Willow Rayne. We have seen victory! And the victory wasn’t when we had Willow, it was when I began to lean into the Lord and heal from all the trauma, the grief, and the hopelessness. Hope has been restored, my relationship with the Lord is unbreakable. God is GOOD! ALL THE TIME!

As Program Coordinator, I work closely with our Community and Group Coordinators as I develop new program offerings.

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