Our groups provide a community of supportive friendships that encourage you through God's word

CARRYWELL’s mission is to shine the light of Christ and provide community where you can find true healing.

CARRYWELL is here to carry you when you don’t have the strength, when you are not sure of the next step or when you don’t have the words to express what is on your heart. We believe community and connecting with others walking a similar journey is the first step to true healing.

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Current Studies

Women's Group: The Hannah Anointing

Have you experienced multiple miscarriages, or do you feel the monthly disappointment from negative pregnancy tests? Do you feel as though no one understands? CARRYWELL understands and we want you to know you are not alone. We believe there is healing for all. When we come together and share in our common experience, we are strengthened emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This study is based on the book, The Hannah Anointing, which focuses on Hannah’s story of infertility and how she overcame grief, disappointments, heartache and jealousy. Each chapter is filled with rich lessons, declarations and prayers that will help us grow in our faith and find hope in the season of waiting.

What to do Next

June 2023 Groups will begin on June 12th and will be virtual via zoom. Groups will meet Mondays at 7:00 PM CST.  If you would like to join or lead a group, sign up below! If you have any questions, contact [email protected]

Marriage Group: Waiting Faithfully Together

Your marriage is important – in fact it should be the second most important thing in your life after your relationship with God.  However, our circumstances can quickly change and alter our priorities. The impact of such a situation can intensify if we seek affirmation in something or someone other than God.  In the case of parenthood, our lives can seem to unravel more and more with each negative pregnancy test or miscarriage, especially if we define ourselves by our ability to have children.

In this study, we will focus on several couples from the Bible who experienced infertility and; look at how they handled the grief, doubt, disappointment and pressure often encountered by those struggling to have a child. Through meaningful conversation, we will discuss how God wants us to respond, wait well and draw nearer to Him during this season.

What to do Next

GROUP COMING SOON! Check back for details.

Abortion Recovery Group: Forgiven and Redeemed

We understand that speaking about our past heartaches and re-opening a wound is incredibly hard and takes a lot of courage. We also know that sharing our secrets is necessary to true healing and improving our everyday life and relationships. It doesn’t matter what led you to this decision, you deserve healing and to know that you are loved and worthy of a beautiful and blessed life. It is our hope and prayer that if you have experienced an abortion, you know God loves you and He wants healing for you. God will show up IF you allow Him.

Each gathering will be held in a private location. All conversation is confidential and the leaders have experienced abortion themselves so there is no condemnation, only understanding. You are not alone in your journey and our ultimate goal is for you to find the healing and freedom you need to live the life God has for you. We know the next step of showing up is hard and we are already praying for you!


What to do Next

Groups will begin February 22nd and will be held at a private location in Birmingham, AL every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sign up for the Group via the link below and your leaders will contact you with next steps and the private location.

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“The Hannah Anointing has played a huge role in my journey with infertility. This book has shown me how to actively wait on the Lord.”   -Alex

“This book was so encouraging and helpful in my season of life. I’m not much of a reader but I couldn’t put it down. I have known the story of Hannah my whole life but not in detail like this book describes.”  -Brooke

“I absolutely loved the Hannah Anointing! It was fabulous! Every page! I highly recommend this study!”   -Leslie

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“I felt safe.  I felt loved.  I felt accepted, not judged.  The group felt like a cocoon in which God worked His redemptive plan for me.

The curriculum walked me through an incredibly healing process.  I was able to let go of the weight/bondage of my secret and the shame that came with it.  While I knew in my head that God forgave me, through this study I actually felt His forgiveness for the first time.  I truly understood the Peace of God and my life will never be the same.”


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We are honored to support this community through Groups, Grants & Connections. To continue to carry out our mission & bring our vision to life, we need your financial support. With your prayers and support we believe God will continue to use this ministry to help couples find hope and healing.