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What CARRYWELL Means to Me

Take a look at what CARRYWELL means to this community and how it has impacted so many.

Roadmap 2022

Grants For Fertility Treatments - $3,500

One traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle costs upwards of $15,000, with three cycles being the average number for a successful pregnancy. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of fertility treatments leaving couples to look for ways to save, fundraise or stop their pursuit of growing their family due to the exorbitant costs associated. 

Through our partnership with Innovative Fertility Specialist, CARRYWELL offers Grants for INVOcell fertility treatments. INVOcell is an affordable IVF method costing one-third the cost of traditional IVF. In addition, our partner matches each grant awarded allowing CARRYWELL to bless more couples. 

Grants For Grief Counseling - $2,600

Many individuals require professional support due to the deep emotional trauma associated with infertility and loss. One Grief Scholarship provides a couple with the recommended 26 professional counseling sessions.

Virtual Platform & New Curriculum Development for Groups - $5,000

As we expand beyond our local community, it is vital that we build our online platform and supportive content for leaders and participants while also offering a reliable video conferencing platform for leaders to host their virtual group.

CARRYWELL is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization

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What CARRYWELL Means to Me

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We are honored to support this community through Groups, Grants & Connections. To continue to carry out our mission & bring our vision to life, we need your financial support. With your prayers and support we believe God will continue to use this ministry to help couples find hope and healing.