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CARRYWELL strives to remove the barrier for men and women to share their story and get the help they need. Child Loss and infertility is one of the hardest journeys a couple will face together and CARRYWELL’s heart is to provide hope in what seems like a hopeless situation. We are committed to taking care of the whole person by providing emotional, financial and spiritual support through community groups and events, family growth and bereavement grants, and one-on-one connections.

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Meredith and Garrett have been undergoing fertility treatments for 10 years and this journey has been the hardest struggle they have faced as a couple. See how God is moving in their story.


Hear how our Family Growth Grant changed a couple’s life. Your financial gift gives hope and opportunity to future families. 

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Will you partner with us to make an eternal impact?

What Your Donations Can Do

Bereavement Grants

Provides the necessary professional support to couples who have lost a child. It is imperative for couples to learn how to cope and move through the extreme grief and trauma after losing a child. 26 sessions in a 6 month period is recommended and how our grant is structured. 

  • $24 per month will provide almost 3 sessions
  • $100 gives 1 therapy session
  • $2600 gives a full grant of 26 sessions

Family Growth Grants

Provides medical treatments giving hope and an opportunity to couples desiring children. Most couples are not able to afford the necessary medical care due to the majority of insurance companies not covering fertility treatments. CARRYWELL wants to remove the financial barrier.  

  • $24 per month provides the couple’s fertility consultation
  • $3500 gives 1 IVF cycle (medical partnership matches contributions)

Community Groups

We offer groups focusing on infertility, marriage, and child loss that are offered throughout the year. CARRYWELL recently wrote a curriculum focusing on the importance of a strong marriage and continue to enhance current programs and develop new curriculums.

  • $24 per month provides 12 curriculum books for group participants. 
  • $300 provides the virtual platform for women to gather from all over the country. CARRYWELL has served women in 134 cities across the US.
  • $2.000 will provide professional editing, layout and design for our marriage curriculum, Waiting Faithfully Together.

Community Events

Designed to raise awareness, educate and connect with the greater Birmingham area. In 2024, National Infertility Awareness Week will include our Annual Backyard Bash to raise money to fund our services and celebrate our community; and an educational workshop bringing medical professionals and peers together to educate on fertility and alternative ways to grow one’s family.

  • $24 per month will pay for 5 people to attend the educational event. 
  • $1,500 buys 200 orange bows to to be sold during National Infertility Awareness Week to raise awareness. This allows all proceeds to go to CARRYWELL.
  • Be an Impact Partner by sponsoring our Annual Backyard Bash event. Contact us if interested. 

What CARRYWELL Means to Me

Take a look at how CARRYWELL is impacting this community.

CARRYWELL is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization EIN 82-3345239

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Hope after Loss

A new group for women who have experienced a stillborn or infant loss 

Over the past year, there has been an increase in the number of women reaching out to us in need of support after experiencing a stillbirth or infant loss. According to the CDC, 1 in 175 births are stillborn and the infant mortality rate in 2020 was 5.4 deaths out of 1,000 live births.

Our group is designed to honor the children and support the mothers by providing a holistic healing approach through a combination of clinical and spiritual practices rooted in a community of women who understand based on shared experiences.

CARRYWELL launched our first Hope after Loss Group on September 12th with an abundance of support from the community, hospitals, and grief counselors.

We Wrote a Book

Waiting Faithfully Together is for couples experiencing infertility. 

Did you know couples who struggle with infertility and remain childless are three times more likely to divorce?

CARRYWELL is taking steps to support couples so they do not fall into this statistic. We know the importance of a strong marriage and want to ensure couples are building a family on a firm foundation and one that aligns with God’s spiritual order.

The book, Waiting Faithfully Together, focuses on how to strengthen marriages during one of the most difficult experiences couples face, infertility and loss. In the book, we study the infertile couples of the Bible and how their communication styles, roles, priorities, and coping mechanisms impact their relationship.


Removing the unexpected financial burdens while giving hope

CARRYWELL continues to offer financial grants for bereavement and fertility treatments. 

CARRYWELL has awarded 16 Grants in 2023, which totals $54,200!

Angel Ornaments

Every purchase is a gift

The ornament are beautifully painted by a local artist, Camilla Moss, and is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. We hope this ornament will bring joy to someone’s life this season. 

All proceeds go to fund our Bereavement & Family Growth Grant Programs. Purchase Here!

What CARRYWELL Means to Me

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We are honored to support this community through Groups, Grants & Connections. To continue to carry out our mission & bring our vision to life, we need your financial support. With your prayers and support we believe God will continue to use this ministry to help couples find hope and healing.