Fertility and Grief Grants

We are called to be generous and help those in need

Fertility Grant Program

CARRYWELL understands the costs associated with fertility treatments and recognizes one treatment does not always result in a successful pregnancy. We also know the heartache of having to wait and save for a fertility treatment only adds to the stress and disappointment you have already experienced. 

Through our Grant Program, CARRYWELL strives to relieve the financial obstacles faced by many when seeking fertility treatments. We support families who know and love God and will raise the next generation intentionally in His ways.

One traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle costs $15,000+, with three cycles being the average number for a successful pregnancy. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of fertility treatments leaving couples to look for ways to save, fundraise or stop their pursuit of growing their family due to the exorbitant costs. 

Through our partnership with Innovative Fertility Specialists, CARRYWELL offers Grants for INVOcell fertility treatments. INVOcell is an affordable IVF method costing one-third the cost of traditional IVF. In addition, our partner matches each Fertility Grant awarded allowing CARRYWELL to bless more couples. 

If you would like to learn more about INVOcell, click here
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Grief Grant Program

After walking alongside friends who have lost children, we realized the importance of offering additional support to couples who experience extreme trauma and unimaginable grief. We have partnered with Christian counselors to offer discounted sessions and priority scheduling. If you know someone who needs financial assistance to receive professional counseling contact [email protected]

How to Apply

We are awarding 12 Grants in this SUPER Round! Last day to submit an application is February 13th, 2023. See details below:

There are two separate deadlines for submissions:

1st Submission Deadline: Applications are due by 11;59 PM on Friday January 20, 2023

1st Round of Grants Awarded: No later than January 31, 2023

2nd Submission Deadline: Applications are due by 11:59 PM on February 13, 2023.

2nd Round of Grants Awarded: No later than February 28, 2023

Required Documents

Fertility grant

The Grant covers IVF treatment from egg retrieval to embryo transfer. The patient will be responsible for any additional charges/procedures. Medical care and/or decisions on treatment reside with the Medical Provider.

An anonymous Grant Committee has been selected to review and award Fertility Grants. No member of the non-profit staff has any influence on the decision making process. Once selected by the Committee, recipients will receive a phone call from the Executive Director of CARRYWELL. 

If the recipient becomes pregnant before the Grant is utilized the funds will be held until the mother is 12 weeks in utero. At that time, the Grant funds will be released and used at CARRYWELL’s discretion.

Application Request Form

  1. Complete the Application Request Form below. There is a $25 non-refundable fee. 
  2. Once the request form is submitted you will receive an email from supp[email protected] with the application packet, which is due by midnight on September 1, 2021.
  3. Scholarship recipients will be notified by the end of September.

Click the link below to complete the Application Request Form.

Fertility Application Request Form

Hear from our Grant Recipients

Jessica and Riley Rost

Unbelievably Comforting

Riley and I have been married for seven years and have been actively trying to grow our family for most of that time. I joined a CARRYWELL group in early 2020 after a long season of loss, failed plans, and deferred hope. CARRYWELL brought healing to me in a real and fresh way- it was unbelievably comforting to me to be sitting in a room with women who understand the long and difficult road of infertility and loss. At the same time during the summer of 2020, when the world seemed to be falling apart around us, we were selected for two separate unimaginable gifts. The first was the gift of our son, who came to us through adoption after years of praying. And the second was being selected for a CARRYWELL fertility scholarship, through which we are now pregnant with twin boys! We are so grateful for the way this organization has helped minister to our hearts, our marriage, and our family.

Brittni and Jimmy Moore wedding

Life Giving in So Many Ways

CARRYWELL has made an incredible impact on our journey and has been life giving in so many ways. Infertility alone is a terrible thing but the financial burden makes it even worse. I was at a place of feeling totally helpless when God opened a door with a financial blessing. Most importantly, the small group directed me to the path God had always planned for us and helped me see beyond my fears and doubts. I will forever be grateful for the generous and life changing blessing that CARRYWELL provided in our time of desperation.

Kristen and Jordan Graham

God has Provided a Way

We never thought that we would have issues with infertility, but that shows you how unpredictable life can be and the importance of having faith in a Mighty God. We have been surrounded by incredible friends and family while traveling this journey. Our God has provided a way for us to continue this journey with the help and blessing of CARRYWELL by being recipients of the scholarship. We truly hope we will have our little miracle soon and be able to share our testimony!

Helped Shine the Light of Jesus

After our son Isaac passed away, we faced a second battle with infertility that was financially, emotionally, and spiritually draining. CARRYWELL helped shine the light of Jesus into our painful journey through the CARRYWELL groups it offered. The group opened my eyes to our Heavenly Father in a way I had never seen Him before, which allowed Him to restore and transform my heart. We also received a financial blessing in the form of a CARRYWELL Grant, which God used to send us Isaac’s little brother, Will. The love of God overflows from this ministry in abundance.

Summer and Cody Vera

This Ministry Cares for Couples

We are so grateful that we were chosen to receive this wonderful scholarship that will give us another chance to become parents. This gift has relieved a massive burden! We were also so touched to see how deeply this ministry cares for couples like us through their generosity and passion.

Olivia and Francisco Miranda

We Were Ashamed and Embarrassed

We are more than blessed to come across CARRYWELL. Like many couples, we were ashamed and embarrassed to speak out about our infertility struggles. We have been trying to conceive for the past 11 years with no success. CARRYWELL gave us an opportunity to be a recipient of their Fertility Grants and also invited me to be a part of their Group which helped me open up about our journey. Romans 12:12 says to “[b]e joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer.” For God’s timing is perfect.

Shelby and Zachary Davis

1 in 8 Women Experience Infertility

Being from a large family of eight children, I never thought I would be 1 in 8 women experiencing infertility. Thanks to CARRYWELL, we will get the chance to begin our IVF journey in the summer of 2021 and become one step closer to growing our family. We truly believe God has assigned us this mountain to show others that it can be moved, and we are so grateful to those who are helping us move it!

Jerrikka and Brandon Kruse

This Ministry Opened My Eyes

When I came across CARRYWELL I was in a season of grief, abandonment, and complete brokenness. I joined the CARRYWELL Groupwhere I met others that could empathize with my heartache. This ministry opened my eyes and heart to truly focus on God and only seek Him instead of dwelling on my circumstance. CARRYWELL changed my perspective and truly helped me to understand, “Your will God, not mine!” My husband and I are forever grateful for the generosity of their service and their Grant Program.

Ever Faithful

Will and I have been married for almost 6 years and are walking the road of infertility that has seemed so painful at times, yet God has continued to be so faithful! He meets us in our pain, confusion, anger and even brings in joy in ways we could have never expected! After talking with some other women who had previously been apart of the CARRYWELL Groups, I joined a group and cannot say enough about the deep friendships, encouragement and life giving truth that all began through the Bible study on Monday nights. Those friendships quickly became my army and the very women who continue to pray for, encourage and hold my arms when I feel too weak to do it alone. God continues to use our season of infertility as well as miscarriage to reveal His promise that He is always with us His presence that goes before and with us in this struggle, and provision all along the way. One of the biggest ways we have seen His provision is receiving the CARRYWELL Grant! This took such a burden off of us, and reminded us that He is working and we can trust Him completely. We are still praying and believing God for children, but pray through our sorrow. He is working in our hearts and in the hearts of others as we trust in His plan and His will for our lives. We are forever grateful for this ministry and the many ways they point us and other couples to press on and trust in the goodness of God! 

Focusing on God

Since the very beginning of our marriage, Chris and I knew that we would one day want to start a family. Little did we know what our journey to becoming parents would actually entail. After three pregnancies (two through IVF cycles) that led to three miscarriages, we found ourselves lost, devastated and feeling hopeless on what our next steps on this journey should involve. After our third miscarriage, I desperately needed something or someone to help me deal with my grief and depression. I joined a CARRYWELL Group during the summer of 2021. Being able to connect with women on similar paths and focusing on God instead of dwelling on our season of heartache and grief really gave Chris and I hope in continuing to try for a family of our own. We are so honored to be chosen for a Fertility Grant. This Grant has renewed hope in our dream of becoming parents. We are so appreciative of the generosity of others to help our dream hopefully become a reality. We will be forever grateful for this opportunity and CARRYWELL

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We are honored to support this community through Groups, Grants & Connections. To continue to carry out our mission & bring our vision to life, we need your financial support. With your prayers and support we believe God will continue to use this ministry to help couples find hope and healing.